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My Background

About Me

Hello, I'm Christa.


I am a natural-born healer with expertise in various healing modalities. I have over 20 years of experience in body & energy work. I was previously a massage therapist and I am currently a chiropractic/physical therapy aid. I have spent thousands of hours researching general and holistic wellness, nutrition, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, mental health, alternative healing and energy work. I found my own healing through Reiki and holistic wellness practices.


My passion is helping others through a holistic approach to well-being. I strive to create a relaxing environment where healing energy can flow freely. When we relax and allow the energy to flow through our bodies we are able to start to remove any blockages that are causing pain or keeping us from moving forward.

My goal is to show you the transformational power of Reiki, assist you in the healing process and help guide you on your journey to becoming your highest self.


Love and healing vibes to all!

My Story

From a young age I knew I had a gift for healing. I went to massage school after high school and started working as a massage therapist, but switched paths and ended up in the corporate world. I started realizing that I didn't feel fulfilled. I developed a lot of unhealthy habits, was stressed out and not living my higher purpose. It took a toll on me.


A couple years ago I was at a point where I was completely drained all the time - physically, mentally, emotionally. Getting out of bed in the morning was a challenge and seemed impossible some days. I was exhausted and dealing with a ton of inflammation, autoimmune diesases, frequent migraines, severe pain, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. I was miserable and couldn't put on a happy face anymore. I realized I had to heal...for me, for my daughter, and to get back to healing others.


I started taking small steps forward - went back to the chiropractor, started getting massages, acupuncture, taking supplements and cleaning up my diet. After a few months my pain and migraines got so much better. Over the last couple years I have taken more small steps towards healing - green smoothies, yoga, trail running, infrared saunas, and got my mental health in order. Although I was feeling better I still felt that a piece was missing.


Energy work was familiar to me as a massage therapist and was intrigued by Reiki, so I signed up to go to a Reiki healing night at a yoga studio I was practicing at. When the Reiki Practitioner was working on me, I had a total emotional release. I'm not generally a very emotional person, so it was surprising to me to have such a strong response to someone hovering their hands over me. After leaving, it felt as though a weight had been lifted. It was an experience I will never forget. 


I started experimenting a bit more with energy healing and it came very naturally to me. I was able to tell where people were holding on to stagnant energy and help it start flowing again. It validated what I knew since I was young….I have a gift for healing…I am meant to help others heal.


I started taking classes and received my Reiki Practitioner Certification. It has been a completely enlightening experience. I have felt a sense of joy that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. I realized that Reiki was a big missing piece in my wellness journey.I have much more energy, balance, clarity and confidence that things will happen as they should. I now enjoy sharing Reiki with others in the hopes that it will help them heal too!

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